Know the importance of SEO for small businesses and its benefits

WHy SEO is best for business growth and marketing

Why SEO is Important

SEO is important because of what it is & what it does

When we understand what SEO is and what it does we understand why it is important.

What SEO does that makes it important

You have a business and you have a website for it. Then, like every business, you have your prospective customers, people to whom your business needs to reach.

These people are on search engines and keep searching for a business like yours and for the various products or services that it provides. Whatever they search for becomes a query or a question.

SEO helps your website appear among the top search results whenever people search for your business, its products or services or any information related to these.

So, what SEO means or does is help you know all the types of queries on these search engines that are relevant or useful for your business. Then it targets these queries by using appropriate keywords on your various web pages. With the help of optimization and content you write or provide answers for these queries or questions.

What is SEO and how it works

SEO means and stands for search engine optimization. What it means is to optimize or make ready your website for search engine visibility. Let us elaborate this to help you understand what is SEO.

As we understood above that with the help of search engine optimization we can target queries on search engines. This way we are able to target our audience.

These are people who are constantly searching for information which show that they are interested in certain products or are looking for certain types of businesses.

These are people who also search for various products and services on search engines as they are interesting in buying these.

Statistics suggest that majority of searchers who search on mobiles and use local queries or keywords end up buying the respective products within a day or two.

With the help of SEO a website can optimize and aim to improve its visibility for such queries and keywords. And when this happens that website gets more and more clicks from such users.

This brings lot of organic search traffic, which SEO experts call as free traffic. This further brings leads and lead prospects for that website.

Why SEO is important for business

In this digital world most businesses have websites or are planning to have one. And if they have not yet decided on that then they should have a website soon. Without a website a business cannot do any digital marketing.

When you have a website and you know that your website can target thousands and thousands of searchers on a regular basis with the help of SEO then you know how important it is for your business.

A business can get organic traffic on a regular basis by choosing SEO. What they are getting is reaching their prospective customers. This way they will be getting leads through their websites.

Why every business needs SEO and how it helps?

There can be many ways to look at this question and answer why your business needs SEO.

What SEO gives you is something you do not get from other channels. You get to target, reach & connect with an audience which or who are interested in your products or services, have a need and are more likely to convert from prospective customers into leads for your business.

This you can do search engine marketing or PPC but the cost of getting the same amount of traffic will be many folds compared to SEO.

Search engine optimization therefore is more effective way to get traffic and do marketing and it is a long term marketing solution for your business.

As we said above that the first and foremost need of your business is marketing. You can also go for advertising. But marketing is long term and is also needed by every business on a continuous basis.

And then if you can get good results from your marketing then you will might have less need to go for advertising.

Yes, if you have a huge budget then you can go for large scale advertising or go for both marketing and advertising both. But here too marketing forms an essential part of reaching out to your audience.

Why SEO is even more important for certain businesses

There are three types of businesses which I want to talk about.

These are ecommerce, small businesses, startups and then also local businesses.

You know competition is always tough in business and in markets.

But, for these 3 or 4 types of businesses it can become even more tough or competitive.

This is because of one or more of the following factors.

  • Limited budget
  • Many competitors
  • Many long standing competitors
  • Many big businesses already there
  • Businesses & brands with large budget having prominent presence which you can see on social media

So, what do you do?

It is also said instead of focusing on many things and not getting any results it is better to focus on one and benefit from it.

You can use SEO to its fullest and you can beat your competition on search engines, which is the biggest marketplace with users that are more ready & willing to act.

This is what I discovered while doing SEO, when I faced tough competition. I still got traffic from it for the same topic.

What you get from SEO is that you turn it into a marketing advantage for your business which is new or small.

You do not need huge budgets. You do not need a huge marketing team. You do not even need months of planning. And you do not need to spend on advertising.

All that you need to do is find all the ways that you can connect with your users on search engines. You need to know how & what all they search with respect of your business.

This is what we focus our SEO consultancy for ecommerce, small business, startups. You can even use this for local businesses.

Why SEO is important as digital marketing technique

Why SEO is important is a question which any business can ask and want to know. And if they are not asking it then they should be, especially when we are well in 2020 and looking forward to 2021.

Every business, small or big, or a startup needs to do marketing. And it is not unknown to us that now is the era of digital marketing.

So, when it comes to marketing your business, digital or online is the way for all of us and we chose that platform.

But what we do not often ask or look into is digital marketing is a mix of various channels or techniques which we can use. All these techniques work in their own ways and have their own benefits and limitations too.

And then often it happens that we do not need all the techniques due to various reasons and our needs.

So, here comes the question that what we need first and perhaps most to do marketing of our business.

Here, SEO or search engine optimization comes as the top answer or one of the best and first go to digital marketing technique.

This is because the first thing any business needs is to reach their audience or what we can also call as our prospective customers. This is what marketing does.

At this stage we can say all the digital marketing channels are almost equal. But here you also need to distinguish between various channels in online marketing which we do not.

There is marketing and there is advertising. PPC or pay per click and most of the times social media is used for advertising.

What we need is to reach audience. When you have a website then the best thing you can get is inbound traffic. These are your visitors and your prospective customers too.

But here another question arises. You do not just need traffic in general. You need to know and target those who are interested in what you are offering.

This is where search engine optimization becomes so useful, important and need of the hour. This is where it becomes your go to strategy or channel.

With the help of SEO you can know and target who wants your products. Then you can get free organic traffic. And you can keep on growing that traffic and your reach. This way you do marketing in one of the best ways and get results from it too.

This is why SEO is important for your business as a digital marketing technique.

The benefits you get out of SEO

Now SEO provides plenty of benefits. It gives your business lots of potential and in many areas. Doing SEO for your website and thereby for your business gives a huge advantage. And so, it plays a huge role in your business presence and growth in the digital world.

Best advantage or benefit of SEO, in case of a business or a company selling a product or service, is that it helps you reach a very broad and at the same time very specific audience. You have the leverage of targeting both and that is done through an extensive keyword research, followed by best on page optimization.

There is an even better benefit of SEO which is unparalleled. You know search engines, right? Google, Bing, Yahoo and more like these are all search engines. You have used these numerous of times. But do you know what they actually are and what they do?

They are a big market place which gives you such a variety of audience and at the same time huge volume of audience which can be converted into website traffic with SEO. When we said earlier that you can target specific audience, what we meant is this biggest SEO benefit.

With the help of SEO, you target search engine audience. And with right keyword research and targeting you can target and reach buying ready audience. In search engines you do not need to convince a large set of general audience. All you need to do is create relevant, detailed content which your user may be looking for and then reach those buying ready searchers. It is that simple with SEO.

The same concept applies when you want to use SEO for a blog site, any information website, a news or media website or any other type of website. Search engines are full of search queries and a huge variety of these. People search for everything on the earth and under the sun on search engines or Google, primarily.

Role of SEO for your business

If you want to target search engines and the huge amount of queries and the multiple times of traffic which it can give you, then ONLY SEO can do that.

  • There is no substitute of search engines
  • There is no substitute of organic search traffic
  • There is no substitute of the value of organic search traffic for every website, AND
  • There is no substitute of SEO which makes you reach that traffic and get all the advantages and benefits.

Benefits of SEO: what it does for your business

Here are few of the benefits which you can get from search engine optimization. These are the benefits which actually you get only from SEO.

  • You can tap the biggest traffic source
  • You can target traffic which converts more
  • You can easily target a very large set of traffic and different types of audience, for different purposes
  • SEO is easy to implement
  • SEO is easy to track
  • SEO is very scalable
  • SEO is very budget friendly

How to start SEO

Now if you have understood the importance of SEO for your business and if you want targeted, effective and result oriented online marketing for your business then here is how you can start.

Yes, you need to have a website for your business first.

Now what you need is an SEO expert agency and their services.

The best way is to hire an expert consultant for SEO of your business.

What you should check before selecting one is their expertise and results.

If we talk about us then there are definitely very specific expertise on which we have built our expert SEO consultant services.

My name is Kshitij Thakur and I am the chief consultant for SEO and founder of PurpalDzinz.

This is what you should know about my expertise in search engine optimization and what I offer for you.

Over the years doing SEO I have looked at it deeply and have built my expertise and also a way to bring better results and do more effective marketing by using SEO.

What I can proudly say that I have achieved with SEO is getting website rank for HUNDREDS OF KEYWORDS ON TOP ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE. What this did is bring THOUSANDS OF MONTHLY ORGANIC TRAFFIC.

I got 123k of TRAFFIC to a SINGLE BLOG post through hundreds of top ranking keywords.

You can read more about the way that can help many businesses get more traffic from Google in my consultancy page above.

So, if you need that kind of traffic for your website then I am just a mail away.

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